Here’s what Order Reporter™ can do for you:

  • Generate unlimited reports to examine customer, product and seller performance
  • Run reports across any available time range
  • Filter reports down to just the data you are interested in viewing
  • Reports against ad-hoc groups of customers, products, vendors, etc.
  • Download results to Excel/PDF or send a report via email with click of the mouse
  • Save your favorite reports for easy reproduction

Order Reporter™ is a robust report platform which fully analyzesyour data. The system consists of a group of well thought out and complementary reports which provide insight into order and financial information across your organization. The reports include:


How long does it take to set up order Reporter with my data?
Simple initial set-up is important. We will get you up and running in as little as 3 – 4 weeks.
Our sales people are busy selling our products; they do not have time to learn a new software application. How long does it take to learn how to use Order Reporter™?
We designed Order Reporter™ to require no specialized training. The application operates in an intuitive and familiar fashion. Users create reports using simple selectionsfrom a console.
Do I need to involve my IT department to set up the system?
It will be necessary for you to request assistance from your IT department to set up a process that periodically creates and uploads data files to our secure FTP servers. Beyond that you don’t need to tax your scarce IT resources.
Who should have access to Order Reporter™?
Your entire sales organization should be provided access, from the reps to the managers. Senior management and finance will also want to review and analyze sales results.
Can I add additional reports to Order Reporter™?
Order Reporter™ is a robust reporting tool that provides answers to a broad range of questions. SalesApex recognizes that some customers will need customized reporting so we designed the Order Reporter™ with a flexible architecture that enables additional reports to be added without affecting the existing system. Experienced SalesApex project managers will work with you to determine whether your needs are fully met with the out-of-the-box features of the application. If not, SalesApex personnel will work with you to determine the specific features that satisfy your reporting needs. We do not find that customers typically need to add any reports.
What type of ongoing IT support is required to maintain this system?
No ongoing IT support is required outside of maintaining the data load processes. Theapplication is fully managed at the SalesApex data center. All you need is a standard browser and Internet access.
What type of end-user support do you provide?
SalesApex provides first line support for your organization via an e-mail-based support system. Your organization will receive an e-mail address where end-users can request help. To help reduce your support costs, SalesApex can provide web-based training to your designated in-house application coordinators, which will allow them to field the more common user questions, and saving your support hours for more complex problems.
How often do we have to load data into the system?
The recommended loading frequency is nightly. You may wish to upload your current data less often, like weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The primary factor affecting the load frequency is the ability to produce a complete and accurate order data file, including products sold, commissions paid (optional), cost of goods, expenses, shipping costs, customers and other related order data.
How secure is my data?
SalesApex uses the same data encryption protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), as the leading commerce and banking sites. And, we support secure data upload techniques for data coming into the system. Your data is always secure.
What steps do you take to ensure only authorized people can see our data?
SalesApex uses two separate security protocols to ensure only the appropriate people have access to your data. First, we assign specific security credentials (i.e., a user name and password) to each person accessing the system. You create your own users so you’re always in control. Second, the users can only view data appropriate for their role in the organization. Executives see all company data; managers see data for their area of responsibility; and sales representatives can view their own performance data.
Who at SalesApex can see our data?
SalesApex adheres to the highest standards internally. The only people who can view your data are our system administrators. No one, not even administrators, have access to your security credentials.
How do I access the system?
You and your users access Order Reporter™ via the Internet using a supported web browser. No additional software is necessary to use the application. No local installation on your servers or sales personnel computers is required.
I can only connect to the Internet via a wireless connection; will the application work for me?
Yes. You will not have any problems connecting, authenticating and accessing all of your reports using a wireless connection.
I am experienced using Excel™. Can I export the data into an Excel™ format?
Just about every report that is produced in Order Reporter™ can be exported into Excel with the single click of a mouse.
We have a unique business model and terminology at our company. Will we need to change how we conduct business in order to use the Order Reporter™?
No. The Order Reporter™ can be easily configured to match your business model and terminology. There is no need to change what you are doing today.
Who else, other than the sales department, can benefit from the Order Reporter™?
We find that Order Reporter™ quickly becomes the standard of information for everyone from sales to marketing to finance to operations. Because of the flexible security in Order Reporter™, you can easily control the amount of data available to users.
We already have a business intelligence system. Why do we need Order Reporter™?
If you have purchased a business intelligence system (e.g. Business Objects, Cognos, etc.) you will find that Order Reporter™ is an ideal adjunct to these powerful reporting systems. Those systems are ideal for in-depth analytical work, but are often difficult to use and understand. With Order Reporter, field personnel can create their own customized reports and get instant drill down information to the invoice level without having to understand how to operate complex software.