About Us

SalesApex is a leading software company that provides a unique SaaS solution for Wholesale Distribution companies focused on improving the bottom line profitability. We provide a ready to use Business Intelligence solution that is up and running in 3-4 weeks, does not require any customization or integration, is easy to use by everyone from the infrequent user to the power user, does not require user training, delivers information over a secure connection, and is accessible anywhere and anytime via the web.

SalesApex is dedicated to help Wholesale Distributors improve sales, gross profits, pricing, product mix and customer penetration. We believe that better decisions and positive results come from actionable information.

Our Proven Sales Effectiveness Solution

Order Reporterâ„¢ brings the power of advanced sales effectiveness tools which improve the selling performance of your sales organizations directly to your web browser.
We are committed to helping you transform your data into valuable information, which you can act upon, 24 hours a day. You will never again need to ask IT or Sales Operations for a report. You and your people will have the freedom to get information you need when you need it.

We created Order Reporterâ„¢ from our experience of working with hundreds of sales organizations during the past 30 years. These consulting assignments include: identifying profitable business segments, creating effective coverage solutions, deploying sales professionals to maximize profits, creating new sales compensation solutions, and many other projects. Regardless of the project, we always needed one thing: a comprehensive understanding of the actual order history. This experience is fully evident in Order Reporterâ„¢. Get the immediate benefit of our experience brought directly to your web browser.